Green Spot Technologies (GST) is a Toulouse-based startup that combines its talents to produce upcycled and fermented ingredients. Our ingredients are sourced from the food residues of the food industry. Our unique fermentation technique allows us to produce ingredients with high nutritional value and low environmental impact.


Role in the project

Green Spot Technologies is one of the SMEs mainly involved in the scaling up of food prototypes. Our company produces plant-based ingredients through a patented process involving the fermentation of fruit, vegetable and cereal industrial by-products. Using an upcycling strategy, we fight against global food waste.

GST_Ninna Granucci

Ninna Granucci

CEO & Co-Founder

GST_Benoît de Sarrau

Benoît de Sarrau


GST_Pierre Delpech

Pierre Delpech


GST_François des Portes

François des Portes

Business Development Director

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